Sunday, April 22, 2012

Transfer Day April 11, 2012

Elder Smith and Elder Johnson
Elder Prince and Elder Dougall
Sister Hatch and Sister Hillman
Sister Joseph and Sister Christian
Elder Yukish and Elder Montgomery
Sister Voievodina and Sister Christensen
Sister Feldt and Sister Rasmussen
Sister Palmer and Sister K. Mahrt.  Transfer day April 11, 2012.

First Cousins

Elder LaBar (just arriving) and Elder LaBar (soon to depart).

At the Mission Home

President Sorensen with Elders Hicks, Parkinson, and Prince.

The Breakfast Club

Taken on April 10, 2012

Departing Missionaries

President and Sister Sorensen and the Assistants with departing missionaries taken on April 9, 2012.

Sisters Departing

Sisters Spring, Scott, Carver, and Pusey.

Assistants, Past and Present

Elders Hicks and Prince (present) with Elders Parkinson and Dransfield (past)

In the Mission Office

(Rear) Elders Parkinson, Hicks, Prince, and Dransfield, (front) Elders Barlow and Turney with Elder and Sister Smith and Sister Hokanson.

It's Been a Hard Day's Night

Elder Stone and Elder Trammell after a hard few minutes of moving furniture.

Leadership Training Meeting

Taken on March 14, 2012

Where were the Elders?

Sister Poppleton and Sister Esser
Sister Hansen and Sister Mayer

Schlepping a table downstairs at the Mission Office

Sisters Larson, Mayer, Hansen, and Downard

Training Meeting

Taken on March 9, 2012