Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Day

Elders McManamon, Fiefia, Christensen, and Mundy helping Sisters Goodman and Clausen move into their new apartment.

District Meeting in the Akron Zone

Back row (l-r):  Elder Chapman, Elder Montgomery, Elder Dransfield, and Elder Crosland.
Front row:  Sister Smith, Sister Yeakley, Sister and Elder Holley.

Pioneer Day Social at the Morley Farm

Sister Missionaries singing the Ohio Cleveland Mission Song
President Vellinga explaining how to use the miniature harmonica.
Sisters Larson, Smith, Neslen, Christensen, Poppleton, and Ellsworth
Sisters Denison, Downard, Hillman, Maynard, K. Mahrt, and Voievodina
Sister Gamble, Elder and Sister Holley, and Sister Lee
Sisters Palmer, Nelson, Arnesen, Joseph, Gamble, and Hillman

Cleveland Zone Development Meeting

Elder Ingersoll, Elder Hicks, Elder Morse, and Elder Green at the Kirtland Visitors Center

The Only Sister Missionaries with a Truck

Sister Stoddard (left) and Sister Crabtree as they opened a new area in Conneaut, Ohio

Departure Night at the Mission Home

Back row (l-r):  Elder Richardson, Elder Barlow, and Elder Stone.  Front row:  Elder Baird, Sister Hatch, and Elder Vang.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Missionaries Going Home

               Elder Baird, Elder Barlow, Elder Richardson, Elder Vang, and Sister Hatch
Elder Read, Elder Marshall, and Elder Tam
             Sister Nelson and Sister Hillman
Elder Dougall and Elder Steele
Elder Chapman and Elder Crosland
Elder Newey and Elder Williams

Three Redheads

Elder Chapman, Elder Rial, and Elder Davies
Elder Burt and Elder Hansen
Elders Burt, Hansen, Riffenburg, and Meza
Elder Marshall and Elder Parkinson
Sister Crabtree, Sister Stoddard, Kristen Vellinga, and Sister Vellinga
Elder Read and Elder Mundy
Elders Helton, Mundy, Rial, and Higgins
Elder Stephenson and Elder Haparai
Elder Harris and Elder Smith checking photos.
Elders Crosland, Prince, and Chapman

Sister Vellinga and Kristen

Elders Dougall, Montgomery, Furtney, Plitt, Helton, Crosland, Chapman, and Steele.
Elders Plitt, Montgomery, Steele, Dougall, and Rollins on Transfer Day in Kirtland
Elder Riffenburg and Elder Metcalf on arrival night, July 10.
President and Sister Vellinga and the Assistants with arriving missionaries on July 10, 2012

Missionaries for Dinner

back row (l-r) Elders Meza, Pontius, Stevens, Trammell, Coral, Hollingsworth, Southworth.  Front:  Elders Jensen, Becerra, and McMillan.

Returning OCM Missionaries

The former Elder Wilkinson and Sister Dani Talbot, now Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson, returned to the mission for a brief visit.

Mission Council

President Vellinga with the Assistants, the Zone Leaders, and the Training Sisters at Mission Council Meeting on July 4.

The New Mission President

President and Sister Vellinga
The Sorensens and the Vellingas with daughter Kristen
Sister Clausen with crutches due to a bad knee.  She has improved and is no longer on crutches.
Sisters Goodman, Ellsworth, and Poppleton in the President's office.
President and Sister Sorensen on Memorial Day