Saturday, June 16, 2012

Training Meeting

President Sorensen, the Assistants (Elder Prince and Elder Metcalf) with trainers and new missionaries on June 8, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sister Missionaries singing to the Sorensens at an early farewell on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day

Sisters Larson, Denison, Hillman, and Christian.

The Magnificent Seven

Seven of eight sisters who came out from the MTC together.  Front row (l-r):  Sisters Hillman, Stoddard, Johnson, and Poppleton.  Back row (l-r) Sisters Hansen, Smith, and Larson.  The eighth sister, Sister Olson, is serving as a proselyting missionary.

Memorial Day

Some happy sisters and seniors at the Memorial Day social in Kirtland.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elders on Transfer Day

Standing L-R:  Elders Meza, Coral, Vang, Jensen, Scovill, LaBar, McMillan, Hollingsworth, Laycock, Hypolite, Southworth, and Turney.  Kneeling are Elders Becerra and Birch.

Helping Others

Elders Hicks and Ingersoll putting a bike rack on the Hiram Sisters' car.

Thank Goodness for Trucks

Elders Hollingsworth, Trammell, and Southworth getting ready to haul luggage and bikes (and other missionaries) back to their area.

Transfer Day

Sister Missionaries in Kirtland on Transfer Day, May 23, 2012.
L-R:  Sisters Bills, Tokunaga, Smith, Neslen, Esser, Rasmussen, and Feldt

Saying Goodbye

President and Sister Sorensen with departing missionaries on May 23, 2012

Arriving Missionaries

President and Sister Sorensen with new missionaries on May 22, 2012.

The Andersons

Joyce and Karl Anderson.  Karl is the Church's leading authority on the Kirtland period in Church History.

New Sister Missionaries

Sister Neslen and Sister Ellsworth

Feeding Some Elders

Those of us who work in the office can't have missionaries for dinner since we don't leave the office early enough so we feed the local elders sometimes in the mission office building.
L-R:  Elders Birch, Southworth, Rangel, Hypolite, Turney, McMillan, Paul, Laycock, Scovill, and Becerra.

It's a New Car!

Sister Poppleton in her new Volkswagen Jetta.

The Smiths

Sister Smith, Sister Smith, Sister Smith, and Elder Smith
President Sorensen grilling on Mothers Day.